My Genuine Blue Host review

June 30, 2013 Posted by admin

As a videographer, photographer and an entrepreneur, I have numerous websites that I need to cater for every now and then. Most of the sites are full of media and they certainly need enough bandwidth and storage space. Initially, I used a couple of web hosting services that charged me for other services in their package that I didn’t require. When doing my online research for the best web hosting plans available, I came across Blue Host. I did not jump in blindly, as I took sometime to do my homework.

I found a couple of helpful reviews and also inquired from my colleagues who recommended their services to me. I also found some Blue Host discount coupons, so I decided to try out one of their packages. True to my colleagues’ words, they didn’t disappoint. I got a package that offered more than enough storage space and reliable bandwidth. The package allowed me to host all my sites using one account which was pretty cool as I would not have to keep signing in and out of different accounts. They offered me numerous email address accounts, a variety of ecommerce tools and MySQL databases.

As I am writing this Blue Host review, I am on my eighth month with Blue Host and I haven’t experienced any serious technical problems with my sites. Their customer service is excellent with a couple of platforms where you can contact them. They offer their email address, telephone number and even message support. When it comes to using their control panels, there are numerous features that allow you to take control of your websites. You will also enjoy getting statistics for your websites all in one place. Generally, their services are up to standard and I will keep on using them as long as they keep improving their features.

iPage Business Web Hosting – Quality versus Price?

March 19, 2013 Posted by admin

ipageFounded in 2001 and employee-owned, iPage Hosting is based in California and Virginia and sports an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau from 2002 to the present.  Even their homepage is impressive, rich in features and with a hypnotic rolling slide sequence.

Negative reviews are thin on the ground; in fact iPage customer reviews generally read like fan sites.  Can these guys really be as good as people seem to think?

The company has been around since 2001, which makes them sagacious greybeards in web hosting terms, and their reputation is based on having invested dollars in reliable servers which may be the secret to their success.  They use commercial grade Dell servers using high-quality hardware for extra reliability and speed.  They also use three independent internet providers so that traffic can be re-routed if one is having problems, avoiding slowdowns.  Their pledged uptime is 99.9% and they have achieved 99.8%, which in realistic terms is pretty good.

Reviews generally point up iPage’s cost which is not particularly competitive, but their business growth and their long years in the business would seem to prove that customers are prepared to pay their charges for reliability. Their business hosting packages begin at under $8 a month for 12 months, or under $7 for 24 months.  This is topped off with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is one of the leading deals in the industry.  The image is of a company not prepared to compromise on quality, even if they can’t cut throats in the marketplace on price.

For business hosting, iPage offers a wide range of scalable hosting solutions, including shared, VPS and dedicated plans.  Tech support is universally praised, with staff being US based – in fact tech support is never outsourced – and available any time 24/7/365 by toll-free telephone, email, ticket support or online chat.  They also have FAQs, a knowledgebase, forums and video tutorials.  iPage also does nightly backups for accounts up to 10GB, and one account restore at four-month intervals for no extra charge.

Reviews point out that iPage’s hosting uses the latest cPanel with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, support for most programming languages/environments, but does not support Ruby on Rails and does charge extra for hosting upgrades, for example SSL certificates or a dedicated IP address.

With one hate-page in 300,000 webpages iPage’s track record seems pretty immaculate, but as always, customers need to take a close look at their services before deciding.  If reliability is a greater concern than affordability, this company would seem to be a contender.